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KEYte to Change EMDR, LLC provides psychotherapy services for adults. We can help you learn new coping strategies, develop greater confidence, improve habits, strengthen communication skills, and solidify a sense of meaning and purpose.

We specialize in trauma therapy, depression, and anxiety. Our job is to assist you in negotiating all of life’s transitions and challenges in order to improve your relationship with others and yourself. Take the first step toward finding balance and contentment. Call or email us today to talk about how we can help.

Cindy has not only an immense breadth of knowledge, but also a profound sense of compassion. Her support and guidance has helped me to navigate through very difficult issues, especially past traumas and depression. She guided me towards my own better, happier self and changed the course of my life toward fulfillment, joy, and happy relationships with those I love. If you find yourself sitting opposite her in her office, you are one of the lucky ones!

Nancy, St. Louis, MO

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